Friday, June 24, 2011

British Library Makes Historic Books Available Online

Around 250,000 texts dating from 1700 - 1870 will be available to read and copy free thanks to a deal between the British Library and the search engine Google.

Read the entire BBC News article here.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Memoir Writing Workshop: Write Your Heart Out

Write Your Heart Out
(Stories based on your life experiences)
A One-week Summer Writing Workshop in El Rito, New Mexico
August 8th to August 12th, 2011
Expected arrival August 7th

Workshop Facilitator                    Roberta Orona-Cordova

“It’s such a peaceful place, and there is much to see and do.  It’s a great place to get away to and start or finish that story you’ve been meaning to write.”  Julie Richie

Where: El Rito, New Mexico, on the campus of Northern New Mexico College.  The El Rito campus is 57 miles north of Santa Fe on a 62 acre tract.  The elevation is 6,800 feet.  Adjacent to the campus is the scenic and peaceful El Rito village that is surrounded by the vast Carson National Forest.  15 miles to the east is the village of Ojo Caliente which is famous for its hot mineral springs.  18 miles to the northwest is Abiquiu, which was settled by the Genizaro indigenous people and is one of the first Spanish land grants (1753) in northern New Mexico.

The school is the largest building in El Rito.  The town has a population of 1800 people and 450 houses.  There is one restaurant in town, a Catholic church, a vibrant public library, and a post office across the street from the college.  This quiet, restful community is ideal for writing.

When: The workshop will begin Sunday evening, August 7th and end Friday, August 12th.  Sunday evening there will be an historical introduction to the area—the original Chama Valley.  The afternoon of the last day there will be a field trip to witness the tribal corn dance at the Santa Clara pueblo—a celebration of a Native American feast day.  If you come from out-of-state you are encouraged to remain in the area for an extra day or two and visit scenic Santa Fe.

Attendees will spend 3 hours in workshop, and free time in the afternoons and evenings for writing.

Tuition: $250.00.  Lodging: $36.00 a night.  Meals: $150.00 (breakfast, lunch & dinner for 5 days).  Barbeque Sunday at night.  The college provides pillows and bed linen.  There is a small kitchen in the dorm for people who want to cook or prepare snacks.
Deposit of $100.00 is due by July 20th, 2011.  Mail deposit to P.O. Box 203, El Rito,
New Mexico 87530.

Transportation: Airfare ranges from $250.00 to $450.00 depending on where you are coming from, and participants fly into Albuquerque which is 2 hours from El Rito.
Attendeses can take a shuttle from the airport to Santa Fe.  There will be a  one-time pick up on Sunday, August 7th at the Inn of  Loretto in Santa Fe.

Writing: You may already be working on narratives based on your life—long or short, i.e., one episode in your life, or a phase in your life.  In any case, this is an opportunity to devote focused time to just writing.  El Rito is quaint, quiet, and isolated—a perfect setting to write your heart out—new material, or revise what you are already working on.  If you are committed to this you should be able to write daily.  The workshop hours will be devoted to writing exercises, giving directions and feedback, answering common questions such as, “Is it okay to use real names?”  You will be encouraged to read all the work you develop in the workshop.  I suggest you read at least one memoir, or two before the workshop begins.  Come prepared to share the memoir you are familiar with and/or bring a memoir with you.  I’ll be happy to provide you with recommendations.

Main attraction: Northern New Mexico is quite beautiful, especially the Carson National Forest where there are hiking trails, mountains to climb, lakes for fishing, and picnic and camping grounds.  You will be one hour from Taos, 25 minutes from the Santa Clara and San Juan Indian pueblos, 15 minutes from the Georgia O’Keefe house, and 20 minutes from the natural hot springs in Ojo Caliente.  You are encouraged to bring a swimsuit.  Also, there are several Native American pueblos in the area.

Other areas of interest:
.  Hacienda of Padre Martinez in Taos
.  Art museums in Taos
.  Art  museums and galleries in Santa Fe
.  Indian Market in Santa Fe (mid August)

Note: If interested send an email to –

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Elizabeth Tannen: Publication News

MFA candidate Elizabeth Tannen's short essay was included in All Things Considered Summer Series: Sounds Of The Season. You can read her essay here.