Monday, October 18, 2010

UNM English Graduate Students Present at RMMLA

Several UNM English graduate students presented this past weekend at the 2010 Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Convention in Albuquerque:

  • Christine Kozikowski, “Charlemagne and the Creation of English Identity.”
  • Lisa Myers, “Malory’s Forest of Irrational Love.”
  • Bruce A. Carroll, “Laid Down and Broken: Law in Malory’s Morte D’Arthur.”
  • Annarose Fitzgerald, “‘So I Will Tell You This’: Auricular Confession in Charlotte Mew’s ‘Saturday Market’ and ‘Ne Me Tangito’.”
  • Gregory Evans, “Holy Crap, it’s a Coup!” and "Hermeneutics in the Classroom: Collaborative, Student-Centered Learning for the Twenty-first Century."
  • Douglas Ryan VanBenthuysen, “The Old French Word ‘Mortaise’ in the York Play of the Crucifixion.”
  • Paul Formisano, “A River of Voices: Confluences and Cross-Currents in the Literature of the Colorado River.”
  • Marisa Sikes, "Appropriating Joan: The Saint in Christine de Pizan’s DitiĆ© de Jehanne d’Arc and The Legend of Billie Jean."
  • Carolyn Kuchera, "American Primitives."
  • Katherine Marie Alexander, "Collapsing the Boundaries Between Two Worlds: Language and Mourning in Mary Shelley."
  • Ying Xu, "A Body of Troubled Site/Sight: Re-signifying Double Consciousness in Yung Wing’s My Life in China and America."
  • Leah Sneider, "Gender, Genre and Self-Determination in Winnemucca's Life Among the Piutes."
  • Bonnie Altamirano and Richard Vargas read during the "Readings by Poets from the University of New Mexico" session.

Session Chairs:

  • Jen Nader: American Nineteenth-Century Literature - I & American Nineteenth-Century Literature - II
  • Douglas Ryan VanBenthuysen was elected chair for the Old and Middle English sessions at the 2011 RMMLA Convention in Scottsdale, AZ.

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