Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Adam Nunez & Bonnie Arning: MFA publications and awards

Adam Nunez had his poetry published in the Connecticut Review, Fall 2011 and LUMINA, Fall 2010. He also had a review published in Pleiades, Winter 2011. He also published a chap book, with associated reading series: Ghosts and Projectors, Spring 2012. Adam also received 2nd place in The Atlantic's Student Writing Contest, October 2009, the Patricia Clark Smith Scholarship in Creative Writing, Spring 2011, and the Outstanding TA Award, Spring 2011. Adam was the Poetry Co-Editor for BMR, 2010-2011, and will have BA/MD GAship 2012.

Bonnie Arning will publish her poetery, "Lost Body," in Cream City Review, forthcoming fall 2012; and her fiction, "Bodies of Water," in Gargoyle Magazine, forthcoming fall 2012.

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