Thursday, September 6, 2012

Opioid Addiction Guidelines Edited by James Burbank

Professional Writing lecturer, writer, and technical editor James Burbank has just completed work on New Mexico Treatment Guidelines for Medical Providers Who Treat Opioid Addiction Using Buprenorphine. In collaboration with six New Mexico physicians, two nurses, and members of the Heroin Awareness Committee, Burbank served as project management editor in developing, designing, editing, and publishing the first guidelines for innovative opioid addiction treatment in the United States. Sponsored by the state Dept. of Health, the book-length guidelines were just published and will be distributed free to qualified New Mexico physicians during training sessions and to inform doctors of the treatment, policy, and clinical procedures required to conduct medication assisted treatment (MAT) of opioid addictions. Burbank also edited an electronic version of the guidelines that will appear on a special website dedicated to opioid addiction treatment. Burbank also was project editor of Managing Co-occurring Mental and Substance Use Disorders in Primary Care: A Guide for the Busy Primary Care Provider by Florian Birkmayer, M.D. published by the UNM Center for Rural and Community Behavioral Health in 2010.

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