Friday, February 8, 2013

Danny Bogert passes

I’m deeply saddened to inform the English graduate student community of the passing of Daniel J. Bogert. For those of you who weren’t fortunate enough to meet Danny during his time at UNM, he was a student in the Rhetoric and Writing program who dedicated his life and research to Hawaiian language, culture, and sovereignty. Danny passed away in Honolulu on January 18th due to injuries that he suffered in a motorcycle accident in early January.   -- Anna V. Knutson

Many of you will remember Danny Bogert as a dedicated Rhetoric & Writing graduate student. He was only with us for a year and then decided to go back to his beloved Hawaii. We were lucky to know this extraordinary young man. He will be greatly missed.
 -- Gail Turley Houston

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  1. Danny was a devoted bicyclist. His old bike with wooden rack and paniers were such fun to see and have him explain with a quiet joy that I will always remember. Danny was always accessible and had deep insight. I miss him.